Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse

Two escape games, one unique experience

Tactisens Escape Game Aventure Sensorielle


You will be Dr Windar’s guinea pigs in his test protocol on the senses.
Through unusual and funny situations, your 5 senses will be the heroes of this original journey : Vision, Touch, Taste, Hearing and Smell are going to be hard tested.
In this original and quirky Escape Game, the only one of its kind in Toulouse, can you complete all tests and beat the clock? You only have 75 minutes to succeed and break some records.

  • Be prepared to face sensorial challenges.
  • A one of a kind, playful challenge, full of laughter and surprises!
  • A course of 100 m², 5 rooms, 6 themes
  • Team work, observation, creativity and spirit of sharing are the key
  • Compose your team with 4 to 10 test subjects
  • Open to everyone from age 7, no upper age limit.
  • THE Escape Game in Toulouse for the advancement of Science !


We dare you to enter the abandoned bunker where Dr Windar found shelter for his research on eternal life! Elude the traps, retrieve his track and get your hands on his research to save mankind. You only have 60 minutes !
If you fail, who knows what will become of you…
Adrenaline, fun and brain muscle. You may find things you didn’t know you had in yourself, or see your partners differently.

  • Solve a number of puzzles to complete your mission. 
  • Adrenaline and reflection! 
  • Team work, reflection and logic are the key
  • Teams of 3 to 6 adventurers
  • Dueling mode, specifically designed for large groups : 2 teams, 2 twin rooms and a surprising conclusion! 
  • Open to everyone from age 10, no upper age limit.

The Escape Game, aka Escape Room or Live Action Escape Game, is an original concept of indoor entertainment, open to everyone.
Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse offers original, fun and extremely immersive Escape Rooms for a unique and thriling moment!

Tactisens Escape Game : what is your challenge?

A unique, captivating moment! Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse

From 7 to 97 y.o

3 – 72 players!

Starting from 25 €

It’s more than just an Escape Game. It’s a lot of fun to share with your friends, your colleagues, or the whole family!

Groupe Génération, Ambicita et 2CS expertise et conseil

« Thanks to the Tactisens staff for a warm welcome and for leading us through a super Sensorial Adventure.
Cheerful spirit and healthy competition »

L’équipe Génération, Ambicita et 2CS expertise et conseil

En Famille Simon B.

« A great family moment. Warm welcome, well designed riddles and experiments; different from a classical escape game. The rooms are so intriguing you might forget you’re supposed to get out. »

Simon B.

EVJF entre amies à Toulouse

« We tried the Sensorial Adventure to celebrate a bachelorette party and we liked it a lot. Very different from your average escape game. And the Game Master was super-cool! »

Syndie G.

Larger groups capacities, only at Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse

Grand Groupe chez Tactisens
  • Up to 10 member teams for a totally different Escape Game
  • Up to 72 persons for bigger events
Accueil de grands groupes
  • Large reception area
  • Privatized room to host your events

Celebrate your events in Toulouse in our Escape Room

Forget your daily routine in our original Escape Room!



Come celebrate a very original birthday in our Escape Room in the city center of Toulouse.
Enjoy an unusual and personalized event for a memorable birthday in our exclusive Escape Games!

Friends and Family

entre amis ou en famille

Birthday, Retirement/leaving celebration, family reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party,…
Celebrate your heartful moments at Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse for an unforgettable experience.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party


For a bachelorette or bachelor party, get the most original gift in Toulouse for the bride or the groom and lasting memories for everybody in our Escape Game.

Try our Escape Room for life!


activité pour enfant

Looking for an Escape Game to entertain a group of children or teenagers in Toulouse? Find an original activity, a shot of adrenaline, lots of fun and creativity from age 7 onward at Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse.

5 sens


The reception area and the Escape Rooms of Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse are accessible to PMR (Persons with Reduced Mobility) and other disabilities. Please check our FAQ for more details.

normes dscrm


We’ve held all required certificates of conformity, fire safety and accessibility delivered by control authorities as well as working authorization granted by the DSCRM (Civil Protection) since our very first day in 2018. Don’t worry and focus on the Escape Game, you are safe.

Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse is :

  • An innovative Escape Game concept in Toulouse : Sensorial Adventure (100 m2)
  • Thrilling and original stories to support the Escape Games
  • Escape Game available in French, English, Spanish
  • Scripted/Acted welcome and game mastering
  • Escape Room set designed by movie industry professionals
  • A dedicated space of 340 m2 in the city center of Toulouse
  • Larger groups capacities
  • Large and flexible privatized reception room
  • Easy access to people with reduced mobility
  • Fully air-conditioned



Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse supports and is a signatory to the « Jouons en confiance » national charter that establishes sanitary requirements applicable to Escape Games-related activities and companies.
To welcome you under the best possible conditions, we will ask you to follow the instructions below :

  • Please show up on the exact time in front of Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse. Note that we cannot let you in before time and/or if your team is not complete.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel available in the entrance hall and in every game room and reception areas. Bathrooms are also available with tubs and soap.
  • Our Escape Game rooms are privatized and only available through regular session booking. You will never be with another team in the same room.
  • Game rooms and bathrooms are thoroughly sanitized after every game session.
  • Our 140 m² reception area allows for social/physical distancing.
  • Scooters and the likes cannot be parked/stored inside our offices for obvious sanitary reasons.


When should we arrive?
Your team must be complete and show up on exact time as specified when you booked the session, not before, not after. You will be welcomed by a Game Master who will give you instructions and details to lead you through your Escape Game mission.

And if we’re late ?
Unfortunately, if you are over 15 minutes late, you won’t have enough time to complete an Escape Game. Your reservation will be considered canceled without refund. There are other teams waiting for their session and the Escape Game room has to be totally reset before a new session can start. Please show up on time.

Escape Game program?
Session total duration : approx. 90 minutes
Welcome & Brief : 15 minutes
Duration of Escape Game mission : 60 minutes
Debrief + photoshoot : 15 minutes

Sensorial Adventure program
Session toral duration : approx. 105 minutes
Welcome & Brief : 15 minutes
Duration of the mission : 75 minutes maximum
Debrief + photoshoot : 15 minutes

Non-players (coach, accompanying person)?
Please contact us.


Maximum number of team players?
Sensorial Adventure : 10 players in the current situation (instead of 12)
Escape Game Windar Theory : 6 players (simple mod), 12 players (dueling mode)
(If you are a much larger group, you can play up to 72 people in 3 hours in our Escape Game rooms. Please contact us !)

What is the minimum age to play at Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse ?
Sensorial Adventure : from 7 and older.
7-11 yo : One accompanying adult up to 6 children (mandatory). 2 adults for larger groups.
12-14 yo : One accompanying adult up to 8 children (mandatory). We strongly suggest 2 adults for larger groups.
13-14 yo : Up to 6 children without accompanying adult with parental authorization by e-mail.

Escape Game Windar Theory : from 10 and older.
10-13 yo : One accompanying adult (mandatory).
13-14 yo : we strongly suggest an accompanying adult should be present. They can play on their own with parental authorization by e-mail.

Escape Game is a thing for younger people?
No ! Windar Theory Escape Game and the Sensorial Adventure (our unique take on escape games) are a lot of fun for people of all ages. Children and adult versions of our Escape Games are very similar, only the challenges are different and age-related. This is why our Escape Game activities are perfect for children and adults.

I don’t have a partner to play an Escape Game in Toulouse, can I play in solo mode?
Coming soon! Tactisens Escape Game Toulouse is working on it. We’ll let you know ?

I’m pregnant, can I play an Escape Game?
First thing first : congratulations! Yes, all our Escape Game rooms are easily accessible to expecting women, and our games do not require any kind of physical strength. Please note though that you will have to stand up for over an hour. On your request, we can add a chair in the game to help you rest.
During the Windar Theory Escape Game, you will not be able to walk out just to use the bathrooms. Any exit is permanent. Also, please note that our missions, although not really scary, do involve a couple of (light) jump scares.
During our special Escape Game, the Sensorial Adventure, you can walk out and use the bathrooms if you really need to and go back to your team afterwards.

Disability Access : can I play an Escape Game ?
People with Reduced Mobility : our reception area and all our Escape Game roms are accessible by design; 2 parking spots right in front of our main entrance are PMR-exclusive.
Visually/Hearing impaired : during the Escape Game sessions, we give you visual and sound clues, therefore you will need at least one member in your team with the ability to see and hear. For the hearing impaired, we’ve designed modified protocols so that they can fully enjoy our Escape Games. We’re currently working on similar protocols for the visually impaired.


Can I cancel my reservation?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Escape Game services offered by Tactisens are leisure activities provided on a fixed determined calendar date, and therefore cancellation is not allowed according to article 121-21-8 of the french Consumption Code. Consequently, a reservation cannot be cancelled nor refunded unless the cancellation originates solely from Tactisens. In this specific case only should the reservation be refunded.

Can I modify my reservation?
Reservation for an Escape Game session can be changed until 7 days before the session. Please note that Tactisens might not be able to offer a suitable alternative to your session; in that case, there will be no refund.

One player withdrew at the last minute, what can I do ?
Spots in Escape Game teams are not name-related; your best option is to offer the spot to someone else.

We got last minute requests to join our team, what can we do?
You can add extra members to your Escape Game team. Just let us know 24 hours before the session the final number of players that will join the Game. Remember that the maximum number of players in a Sensorial Adventure team is 10, and the maximum number of players in each Escape Game room is 6. The extra spots have to be paid for on arrival in cash or cheque (no payment terminal available on location).Check our complete price list here.


Do you have air conditioning?
Yes, all our rooms are equipped with AC, including the most secret parts of our Escape Games!

Is it really secured?
All our rooms are in full compliance with the (severe) standards established by the DSCRM (Direction de la Sécurité Civile et des Risques Majeurs). You can feel safe playing in our Escape Game rooms, and that’s because you are safe!

Are we going to be locked up, for real?
No, not really. You can walk out of the Escape Room any time, if you really need to.

I’m claustrophobic and I’m afraid of the dark, can I play?
You will never find yourself in pitch black in our Escape Rooms. There might be some moments/places in dim light/half-darkness, which are essential to sharpen your other senses. You will be able to walk out ot the game any time, should you feel oppressed. Please note that, in the Windar Theory Escape Game, walking out means the game is over for you. In our special Escape Game, the Sensorial Adventure, you walk across a 100 m² facility and you will not stay more than 15 minutes in the same room (each room is at least 19 m²). Also, each room is equipped with an exit door to the reception area in case of emergency.

I have allergies and/or food restrictions (medical, religious, philosophical). Do I have to taste food during the Sensorial Adventure ?
Yes, taste is one of the senses that is tested during our Special Escape Game, but we modify the test according to your requests. We try to avoid as much as possible all kinds of food that are known to cause allergies.

Do I need some kind of preparation and/or specific outfit?
Our Escape Game does not require any kind of preparation. Come as you are, with your enthusiasm!