You’re not afraid of getting locked up in our Escape Room in the city center of Toulouse? You think you can be at your best under pressure? If you think you’ve got what it takes to solve Dr Windar’s puzzles and riddles, our escape game room is just what you need. We’ll see what happens once the traps in the bunker have closed in on you…
An Escape Game (aka «Live Action Escape Game» or «Escape Room») is an original indoor entertainment concept, open to all.


As a team of 3 to 6 players, 12 in Dueling mode, you are assigned a very special mission, a fully immersive experience in one of our room with the most realistic decorations. You have 60 minutes (and no extra time!) to solve riddles, search for hidden mysterious clues, manipulate weird mechanisms and complete your mission. Being a team won’t help if you don’t actually *play as a team*! Sharing your logical thoughts and reflections is the key. In this mix of adrenaline, fun and brain muscle, you might surprise yourself and your teammates!


After you’ve been briefed about the mission and the basic rules and instructions, a Game Master leads you to the entrance of the Escape Room. Before granting you access to the mysterious room, the Game Master introduces you to the backstory, tells you what to expect inside and gives you some advice to start solving the puzzles. Then, the group of players participating in the Escape Game starts exploring and searching for clues that will help them solve the puzzles and take the challenges and hopefully complete the mission in less than 60 minutes. Once the door is closed, the team can only rely upon themselves to solves the puzzles while the clock ticks on and on and on. Can you work as a team? Can you keep your mind clear and focused? Good luck, adventurers!


Escape rooms are great for people who like team playing and would like to try something different, halfway between action and reflection. Family, friends or company team building, Escape Games are a unique way to learn to work together as a unit.


Our Live Escape Game is open to everybody from 10 yo. Teams of children 10-13 must be accompanied by an adult within the game. Children of 13-14 can play on their own with parental authorization send by e-mail and mentioning the date and time of the reservation. Presence of an adult is not mandatory but strongly suggested.


Games have been constantly evolving in the last decade and new jobs have appeared to math this evolution. The apparition of Escape Games and multiple sub-genres led the game designers to rethink the course of play and introduce the game master as a guide throughout the game, giving clues and additional fun. The Game Master is also an « actor » building an realistic atmosphere for immersive playing.


Dr Windar found shelter in an abandoned bunker to continue with his research on eternal life. We dare you to get inside, elude the traps he left behind him, track him down and retrieve his files! You have 60 minutes to save mankind. If you can’t beat the clock, who knows what will become of you…

Dr Windar’s last message

Up to the challenge?

Different customized levels of difficulty for better user experience

3 niveaux de difficulté

As we all know, difficulty is at the core of a good Escape Game. But so is success. To give you the best player experience, we designed three levels of difficulty in our Escape Rooms. With higher levels come more complex puzzles, increasing difficulty and less help from the Game Master.
We didn’t want some players to get stuck in forever or to complete a mission in 10 minutes, so we created those levels for better personalized experience.

  • Normal mode (~50% success)
  • Advanced mode (~35% success)
  • Expert mode  (Success? Hahahahaha !!)

Dueling mode for Larger Groups

Escape Game Mode Duel

Moste Escape Rooms in Toulouse have limited capacity (teams of 5-6 people). If you are a much larger group, we can offer you a dueling mode session.With large groups in mind, we cloned our Escape Room. Yes, you got that right, we have a duplicate Room! Now you can come to play at Tactisens for a dual session and compete in a team Vs team fight.

Both teams play simultaneously in real time and face up the same challenges But since Dr Windar left only one copy of his Research behind, in the end, only one team will succeed!

  • Reaching the exit under 60 minutes is not enough!
  • Only one team can win!
  • Only one way to complete the mission!

2 teams, 2 identical rooms, 1 goal.

Assert yourselves!

Want to try something different but Escape Game-inspired?